Time,thou anticipate’st my dread exploits; In my opinion the mening of this quotation is that time can only tell the future.    

…..DEMON DENTIST I have been reading the book by David Williams called Demon Dentist for a month now I’m about half way. The book is about a small boy that is absolutely terrified of dentists and does about any thing to avoid going. He then meets a small girl that knew something was wrong.Because on […]

The chapter is about the three aperitons give a profece to Macbeth.

Lenox with lord talked about something that at the start of the scene triggered the lord to think about something.Because in the scene it said “MY FORMER SPEACHES HAVE BUT TRIGGERED YOUR MIND”.It also says that strange things have been occurring.As the quot said “THINGS HAVE BEEN STRANGELY BORNE”.Then at the end of the scene […]

Quotation-How dare you! Quotation 2-You look angry. I think this Menes that HECATY is angry is because  the which shared the prophet with Macbeth.

Macbeth sees Banqos ghost at an important banquet and then gets up to talk to the murderer.